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Post by wpbiz on Mar 1, 2017

The HVAC industry has been rapidly changing over the past few years, so has the service department here at RJ Mechanical, Inc. Let's take a closer look at what change means for the service department at RJ Mechanical. Jeff Dexter Jeff Dexter is the new Service Manager. Jeff came aboard in February 2017 bringing with him a vast array of knowledge in the service industry. With 30+ years of experience himself, he is welcomed by a team of certified technicians who are excited to implement Jeff's vision as we continue to grow and advance our skills in the HVAC and Plumbing industries. Miranda Heald Miranda Heald is the Service Dispatcher. Miranda came aboard in August 2016 and dove into helping kick off our new service dispatch software and assisting our customers in scheduling their service needs. New Maintenance Program At RJ Mechanical, we take a proactive approach to maintaining the efficient operation of your building facilities. We are committed to providing preventive maintenance programs that will protect your investment, maximize your operating efficiency, reduce breakdowns and extend the operating life of your equipment. Our trained technicians follow a detailed maintenance schedule to ensure that each piece of your equipment is properly serviced in a timely manner. We also perform seasonal startups and shutdowns, general cleanings and other services necessary to keep your equipment functioning properly. Call to learn more about our new maintenance program or to schedule your service needs today.