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Post by wpbiz on Mar 1, 2017

RJ Mechanical professionals are fully qualified to handle any or all of your commercial and industrial needs in regard to plumbing, heating and cooling services. We specialize in successfully handling the most challenging projects. Heating & Cooling RJ Mechanical has the expertise to install state-of-the-art heating and/or cooling systems in any size facility — from small office buildings to large industrial complexes. We will begin by carefully evaluating your unique heating and cooling system needs and requirements to determine the most cost effective and energy efficient solution for your facility. We’ll recommend a practical, reliable system that provides comfort and accurate temperature control throughout the entire year. Best of all, the RJ Mechanical service and maintenance team can help you protect your investment by properly maintaining your system. Process & Mechanical Piping Within the industry, process piping is used to convey fluids, liquids or gases from one location to another. Piping systems include components such as fittings and valves that are designed to sense and control the pressure, flow rate and temperature of the transported material. Piping and in-line components can be manufactured from such materials as plastic, copper, glass, steel, aluminum, and ductile iron. During the pre-project planning stage, RJ Mechanical will determine the optimum materials and configuration for your process piping system, based on analysis of your needs. As soon as the design and materials are approved, our licensed plumbers, fitters and certified technicians will begin installing your system. Our highly trained professionals have extensive experience with diverse methods of complex piping and piping modifications for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Once your system is in place, we’ll run important stress tests and other testing procedures to be sure everything works smoothly and efficiently. We strictly adhere to all necessary codes and standards for installation and operational procedures. Medical Gas Clean, reliable gas piping systems are an essential component at any health care facility, and hiring a reputable contractor with experience in the area of medical gas to design, install and maintain these systems is critical. At RJ Mechanical, we recommend pre-construction consultations to cover any questions dealing with compliance or operational issues of your medical gas delivery system. This is an effective way to reduce or eliminate costly medical gas change orders after the installation process has begun. RJ Mechanical plumbers are qualified to install or renovate any component of your medical gas delivery system. We follow strict guidelines when designing, installing or maintaining medical gas piping. Following installation, your system will be confirmed for readiness by an authorized certifier, so you can be certain that it will be fully functional and code compliant upon completion of the project. Plumbing Whether your plumbing project is small or large, straightforward or complex — you can count on RJ Mechanical to provide wise recommendations, quality plumbing fixture installation and post-project maintenance that will prevent future plumbing issues. Our experts will quickly resolve any problems with your existing system, and make the necessary repairs or upgrades in a timely manner.